All the weather information you need with added SVG animations

  • Built using Vue.js
  • Utilized axios to make HTTP requests to external public APIs
  • Implemented animated SVG's
  • Customized Bulma styling framework for quick weather overview
  • Used Weatherbit public API for weather information
weatherscope website
cryptodb website
Vue.js & VuexBootstrapAxiosFirebase

A dashboard to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio with news article fetching.

  • Built using Vue.js and Vuex
  • Utilized axios to make HTTP requests to external public APIs
  • Integrated data from Crypto Compare API and News API
  • Configured user authentication using Firebase (Firestore)
  • Customized bootstrap styling with SASS preprocessor
Vue.jsSpaceX APILodashBulma
SpaceX News

All the important company information about previous and upcoming rocket launches and detailed capsule information.

  • Built using Vue.js
  • On mounted lifecycle method, fetch data with SpaceX's API using Axios
  • Added moment npm to normalize launch dates and Lodash to normalize API data
  • Customized Bulma styling framework for data visualization
  • Hosted website with
spacex website
birddb website
Vue.jseBird APIAxiosBabel
Bird DB

A website to search for bird species using the eBird API.

  • Built using Vue.js and Vuex
  • Utilized Lodash methods to normalize data from eBird API
  • Used ESLint to assist code consistency and maintainability
  • Added Babel to convert ES6-8 syntax to ES5 for cross-browser support
  • Configured webpack to create a build of the project for static website hosting
WordpressStripeecommerce platform

A custom webshop for hearing protection used for parties.

  • Build with Wordpress CMS
  • custom build ecommerce platform
  • Implemented Stripe for payment processing
  • Added appointment scheduling software
  • Hosted website with Hostnet
earbuddies website
cryptodb website

My portfolio website using the Nuxt.js boilerplace that utilizes server-side rendering.

  • Build using Vue.js
  • Used Nuxt.js framework for an efficient server rendered experience.
  • Utilized Bulma for styling.
  • Added Particles.js for an interactive background.
WordpressAppointment module
Dierenbescherming Academy

An booking solution for the leading animal society in The Netherlands.

  • Build with Wordpress CMS
  • Integrated calendar
  • Ability to create and signup for events
  • User Authentication
Dierenbescherming academy website
wordstrader website
WordpressUser authenticationPayment Integration

A article writing service with integrated members are for easy article payment and downloads

  • Build with Wordpress CMS.
  • Ability to download articles.
  • User authentication.
  • Order form with payment module.